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A Deadly Adoption 2015
5.8 of 47

A Deadly Adoption

HD 5.1 84 min
Living in the small town of Storm Lake, married upper middle class couple Robert and Sarah Benson faced a life changing incident five years ago when a freak accident led to a then pregnant Sarah, an organic hobby farmer, losing the baby and not being able to conceive children anymore. Feeling guilty for not fixing their broken dock which caused the accident, Robert, an author of personal financial management self help books, took to the bottle, although he has now been sober for six months. Robert dotes on their only child, six year old Sully, and constantly worries about her diabetic condition. They are pursuing adoption as Sarah believes another child would bring a much needed balance into their lives, especially in getting Robert out of his funk. He has been in this state specifically since his last book tour, about which he does not remember much due to his drinking and hard partying. They believe they have finally found the perfect adoption mother in Bridgette Gibson, a young woman in a difficult personal situation, she who is currently living in a shelter. As such, Robert and Sarah decide to let Bridgette live with them until the child is born in three months time. Bridgette entering their lives is not by accident, she who orchestrated it along with her redneck boyfriend Dwayne Tisdale. She is keeping a couple of secrets, one from the Bensons and another from Dwayne in getting what she alone wants. These secrets are added to one already kept by Robert, who has to balance his against his family's best interest in whether to come clean. This mixture of secrets has the potential to lead to deadly consequences.
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release: 2015-06-20
Director: Rachel Goldenberg


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