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Episode 9 will come in Sun Apr 12, 2020 - 6 days left
1 Find Your Beach
Sunday Sun Feb 16, 2020
Beth makes a new friend while struggling to process her guilt over Rio's death. Meanwhile, the women perfect their latest business venture just as Agent Turner and his surprising informant complicate their plans to launch.
2 Not Just Cards
Sunday Sun Feb 23, 2020
Beth makes a choice that surprises those around her just as an old foe from the past returns. Meanwhile, Annie finds a helpful outlet on her road to self-improvement. 
3 Egg Roll
Sunday Sun Mar 01, 2020
A desperate Beth does everything she can to stay alive while dealing with the unexpected challenges of being a boss and finds help in the least likely of places. Dean suffers the ramifications of doing things differently at work. Meanwhile, Ruby and Stan figure out how to make her new business venture work for them. 
4 The Eye In Survivor
Sunday Sun Mar 08, 2020
Beth takes a gamble in order to strike a new business deal, but it has consequences that put the women in an unwelcome position. Meanwhile, Ruby worries that her lifestyle is rubbing off on her family and Annie realizes she may have a very inappropriate crush on someone. 
5 Au Jus
Sunday Sun Mar 15, 2020
Sick of working for Rio, the women take drastic measures to strongarm Lucy, their unwitting partner in crime, with gruesome results. 
6 Frere Jacques
Sunday Sun Mar 22, 2020
A guilty Beth convinces the women to go to grisly lengths to keep Max out of harm's way. Meanwhile, Annie attempts to process her trauma without the help of Dr. Cohen and Ruby considers sabotaging a job opportunity that comes up for Stan. 
7 Episode 7
Sunday Sun Mar 29, 2020
8 Episode 8
Sunday Sun Apr 05, 2020
9 Episode 9
Sunday Sun Apr 12, 2020

Good Girls 3

IMDb 7.9 na min/episode
The series follows three suburban Michigan mothers, two of whom are sisters, who are having a hard time trying to make ends meet. They are tired of having everything taken away from them so they decide to pull off an unlikely heist by robbing a supermarket, only to discover that they're in for more than they bargained. Their successful robbery attracts the attention of the store manager after he recognizes one of the women, but for a different reason altogether than just the money.
Drama, Comedy, Crime
Christina Hendricks, Reno Wilson, Mae Whitman, Retta
United States
6.9 / 158 times
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