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My Life Without Me

IMDb 7.5 106 min
Drama, Romance
Mark Ruffalo, Alfred Molina, Sarah Polley, Debbie Harry, Scott Speedman, Julian Richings, Amanda Plummer, Maria de Medeiros, Sonja Bennett, Tyron Leitso
Isabel Coixet
Canada, Spain
6.2 / 32 times
Twenty-three year old Ann has just been diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer, she having very little time left to live. She decides not to tell her family of the diagnosis, her family consisting of: Don, her loving husband and the only man she's ever been with and kissed; Penny and Patsy, her two young children; her angry mother, in whose backyard in a trailer Ann, Don and the kids live; and her incarcerated father, who she has not seen in a number of years. Because of the diagnosis, Ann compiles a list of things to do which is primarily to ensure that Don and the kids are taken care of after her passing. But the list also includes indulgent things for herself to make her collective life as complete as possible. Beyond her physician Dr. Thompson, Ann finds others she hopes will be a part of enacting her 'to do' list (without telling each of her impending death). These other people include Lee, a man she meets in a local café, and her new next door neighbor also named Ann.
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