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IMDb 7.7 76 min
Michel is a Paris based pickpocket. He does it through compulsion as he gets a feeling of exhilaration while committing his crimes, rather than for the money in and of itself as he does not spend it on outward material possessions. For example, he lives in a one room hovel with only a hook locking the door from inside. He justifies his actions using what he is probably aware is a skewed set of morals. With no other visible means of income, he believes some people in his life suspects what he does, such as his friend Jacques, while others have no idea, such as his sickly mother, who he loves but does not visit often, perhaps to avoid the obvious questions from her. He also believes the police know about him, but have yet been unable to prove any specific crimes, although he is unaware if they are actively pursuing him, despite frequent encounters with a certain inspector. As he goes about his business, he can spot other pickpockets and although is largely self taught, he does enter into a partnership with two others, one who shows him the tricks of the trade. The questions become whether this life is indeed self-fulfilling for him, whether the police will eventually catch up with him, and whether he can find anything else in life that he finds just as exhilarating to replace picking pockets.
Drama, Crime
Marika Green, Martin LaSalle, Jean Pélégri, Dolly Scal
Robert Bresson
5.7 / 3 times
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